Sunday, 4 February 2007

What is Success?

Success is fulfilling your potential, achieving your intended purpose.

Since my blog is about success, I thought it appropriate to begin with my definition of success. I'm not claiming to be original in this idea, but it is the conclusion I reached after several years of pondering.

I chose to blog about success since it is a subject to which I think I have something to contribute. Am I successful? Well, I think I am on the right track - so in that respect each day is a success. But I don't think I have fulfilled my intended purpose just yet.

I think everyone has an intended purpose, but not many people fulfil theirs - many people fail at life. Some people are intended to be great politicians, to bring about peace and stability in the world, but never achieve anything more than lies and deceit. Other people are intended to be famous inventors that may change all our lives for the better, but end up rich and with blood on their hands developing the latest weapons. Some people are meant to be wonderful parents, but spend their lives neglecting their children. Some people are intended to be nice, but instead they are grumpy most of the time.

Everyone has a different stick against which their level of success will be measured - and I don't know what anyone else's looks like, but I have an idea about mine. I was born into a relatively stable family, into one of the world's richer countries. I have been given a free education, health care and good nutrition. I have good health and I think a high level of intelligence. I am not starving, persecuted or under attack. I am not a minority and I have freedom of speech. I have a wonderful husband and two adorable children. Now I find myself living in Devon, surely one of the most beautiful areas of the UK. I do not have to worry about natural disasters. You know I have blessings too numerous to count. This is a concern to me. I have been given so many advantages - so I must now achieve something wonderful if I am really to succeed.

Hmmm... I thought this blog would be just a little bit of background information about who I am for those who care - seems I have more to talk about than I realised. Time is precious though, so I must go and do something constructive right now, will write more tomorrow....


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