Sunday, 4 March 2007

Going the Extra Mile

I feel like I must spend 99% of my time trying to finish my jobs, go that little bit faster, work a little more efficiently, in order to get that extra little bit of time each day to do what I really love (developing the MedWorm site). My plans for the site are way ahead of where it is now and it kills me - these ideas burn away at me each day. If I see another site even touching on the direction that I want MedWorm to take, I am filled with jealousy.

Left to my own devices, I am sure I would lock myself in a room 24 hours a day and do nothing more than work on this. But how many of us are really in such a situation to indulge ourselves 100% in our interests? We all have commitments and responsibilities of one type or another.

But if Anita Roddick (The Body Shop) could lay the foundations for her empire with 2 small children, then so can I! And if Rachel Clacher can run Moneypenny in between giving birth to 3 daughters, then I know for sure that MedWorm success is attainable.

How did they manage? How do they succeed? Surely by having the determination, enthusiasm and stamina to go that extra mile.

I enjoyed watching a documentary on a day in the life of Richard Branson - the reporter, Adrian Chiles, was amazed at how early he had to meet Richard for breakfast, since he started his work at 5am - and don't think he goes to bed early either - Richard was still at it at midnight.

Success doesn't happen overnight, although it may seem that way. Successful people are those that go the extra mile, time after time. Putting in that extra hour of work, when everyone else is asleep, is what will get me to where I want to be - pushing myself every time to do just that little bit more is what will give me an edge.

If you are passionate about something, don't despair when faced with life's responsibilities and chores that will forever try to tie us down - hold on to that energy and use it for an extra burst of life each day to push forward with your dreams - if you do that little bit extra, day after day, you too will rise above mediocrity and find yourself in the hall of success.

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