Monday, 21 May 2007

The Human Cancer Genome Project - a Fine Example of No Funding

I discovered Dr Kattelove's Cancer Blog via MedWorm.

Dr Kattelove gives some excellent explanations of developments in the area of cancer research that I find to be interesting, informative and easy for someone like me to understand - me being not a medical professional or a scientist, but someone who wants to know more about medicine than what I can find in the newspapers, as do I believe an ever increasing body of medically savvy consumers (what with Health 2.0 and all). He obviously has great insight, following 7 years as the medical editor of the American Cancer Society. And I would like to add that it is an inspiration to see someone with such experience using their retirement time to share their wealth of knowledge through blogging.

This post on The Cancer Genome Project jumped out at me as a fine example of how medical progress is being hindered by the lack of government funding. It is a great shame that I feel is worthy of publicity.

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