Monday, 25 June 2007

A Tribute to Tony Blair

Well yesterday Tony finally slipped out of power and Gordon slipped in. Politics generally bores me, or infuriates me, so I wouldn't usually mention it here, but I guess I can't let such a day slip by without comment.

What did I think of Tony Blair? Well, I guess quite a 'nice' man, with good intentions, and I think mostly sincere, but I think he became increasingly arrogant due to misconceptions of his self-righteousness, foolish, and stupid to have believed the lies he was fed.

Whatever good he may done is completely overshadowed by the atrocity of the Iraq War. Reported civilian deaths as a result of the war are currently between 66,000 and 72,000. An estimate by American and Iraqi epidemiologists in October 2006 estimated that 655,000 deaths had resulted since the invasion in March 2003.

Tony Blair helped make this happen - with the best of intentions, of course! I remember suggesting before the war began that Tony should visualise his family lined up and being blown to pieces, one by one, with a few of them being left half alive, dismembered and with severe burns, before committing to the war, and that if he could accept that as a necessary consequence of war, for a higher good, then fair enough. I was accused of being a pacifist. Maybe I am?

Tony Blair refused to listen to the outrage by a large section of the British population - yes, debatable what percentage was in favour or not, depending on which newspaper you were reading - but we did see the largest British demonstration ever protesting against the war, with over 1 million people taking to the streets of London (and for each person on the street, there were many more who could not be there who were also outraged). He went to war in our name, with our money, and killed innocent children. This makes me so angry. He has blood on his hands. These images are for him:

Will ignorance be his defence on The Day of Judgement I ask myself?

Yesterday I was happy he was leaving his position of power. A monumental day, that I was too deflated to get excited about. Gordon Brown, will he do any better? Can't do much worse for sure. Would be hard to do that much damage if you tried. He seems like a decent guy, down to earth, yet with some creative ideas, gives me some hope. We'll see...

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