Wednesday, 29 August 2007

10 Places to Use RSS in Medicine

  1. Medical Blogs - to announce new blog items and new comments.
  2. Journals - every medical journal should by now have an RSS feed for each article, with abstracts included as descriptions where possible.
  3. Newsletters - if your company or organisation provides a newsletter, make sure it is accompanied by an RSS feed.
  4. Press Releases - make sure you have an RSS feed to accompany release press releases - a great way to get your news out quickly.
  5. Events - if you have a calendar or events, such as conferences, exhibitions, seminars or meetings that you want people to know about, advertise them for free with an RSS feed.
  6. Jobs - if you are a large organisation, RSS feeds, by speciality, could be an ideal way of publicising your latest vacancies.
  7. Training Courses - you could use RSS to advertise courses, pass on course content to your students, back up your teaching with assignment details, or even publish the whole course content online.
  8. Podcasts and Videos - if your organisation is starting to make use of podcasts and videos to reach your target audience, make sure you have an RSS feed to announce your new media releases.
  9. Images - databases of images are fast becoming a useful method of sharing knowledge on the Internet between physicians. They should be accompanied by RSS feeds to announce new images as they are added.
  10. Site Maps - if you have a website you may be familiar the site map, which is used in particular by search engines, as a table of contents to your website. Try creating an RSS feed to accompany your site map - that way whenever you add a new page to your website, you can be sure that your site visitors will be alerted to its existence (and you will be able to get your medical website fully indexed by MedWorm).

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