Saturday, 12 January 2008

Wanted - Medical Professionals with an Interest in Health 2.0 / Medicine 2.0!

Are you a doctor, or other health professional, with a particular interest in one or more of the following?:

  1. Health 2.0/Medicine 2.o

  2. Blogging

  3. RSS

  4. The Internet

If you are, please drop me a line - I'd love share ideas with you!

If you are reading this and are a physician, probably you are one of a minority. You take a keen interest in IT. You like reading medical blogs and maybe you have one of your own. You probably know a bit about RSS and are even familiar with Health 2.0.

Do you realise that if you are one of these unique people, you have a responsibility to share the good news of the coming Health 2.0 revolution with your colleagues, who may not be so technologically inclined? Without your encouragement, it will never really happen. You are bridges. You are champions!

There are many people excited about Health 2.0, but I increasingly find myself asking the question: How many of us enthusiastic people are really 'in' medicine, and how many of us are just technology medical wannabes like me? I'm an IT professional that would love to be able to cure the sick, but sadly can't, so spend my days dreaming up and building an infrastructure to help medical professionals, but the problem is this big gulf between IT and medicine. How to make that leap? How to convince my husband that RSS really is the best thing since sliced bread?

If you are really 'in' medicine or medical research, and have an interest in Health 2.0, please get in touch. Maybe we can work together to convert the masses? Maybe you might even me interested in becoming a MedWorm Associate?

Health 2.0 is all about finding new ways of working together, so drop me a line and build another link in the big brain.


  1. Perhaps the JMIR Medicine 2.0 Theme Issue and the forthcoming Medicine 2.0 conference will give you some ideas and contacts.... - see

  2. Frankie, I'm not a medical professional yet (still need three semesters to graduate form medschool), but I'm totally interested in it.

    I've given several slideshows at local clinics and departments, and while the feedback is always perfect, the number of physicians who would use these new sites and services is extremely low. We still need some more years to persuade them about the importance and the advantages of web 2.0.

    Here is a collection dedicated to medicine 2.0:

  3. Hi Anon - thanks for the suggestions there. Interesting to see the call for articles Medicine 2.0 related. Would love to attend the conference - unfortunately I cannot yet justify the expense living the other side of the Atlantic and with family that I couldn't leave at the moment (would be an expensive trip to take them all with me!) But maybe one day we'll see something similar in the UK - anyone wanting help organising such then let me know!

    Berci - thanks a million for getting in touch - we really need to get together and join forces if we want to make an impact - 3 semesters to go works just great for me! I'll drop you an email :)

  4. Hi Frankie
    I haven't perused all of your blog - I will do! But just to let you know that I'm a health professional who has an interest in blogging, RSS, and all web 2.0 tools - especially in relation to how they can support the ongoing learning of my profession - occupational therapy. You can find my blog on

    I am sharing all that I can in any way that I can with my profession - inservices, presentations at symposiums, conferences, sharing of my blog, etc etc. There are a small but growing group of OT's and OT students who are exploring the use of the tools for all sorts of reasons. So I'[m an 'early adopter' well 'in' with my profession as I am both a practitioner (very part-time) and an OT academic and researcher. In fact you will see in my blog that I've just started an EdD which will focus on Web 2.0 tools. Please leave a comment on my blog - or email me at merrolee(at)
    I'll also check out medworm associate - not heard of this before! Look forward to heairng from you.

  5. Hi,
    Ophthalmologist in Paris (France), I'm very interested in Internet and Web 2.0 tools for doctors and healthcare : it's what I try to share (in french) with colleagues on my one-year old blog...

  6. Hi Frankie,

    I'm a doc based in the UK and really interested in 2.0.

    Would be good to have a conversation