Friday, 17 October 2008

Investment in Generosity - A Solution for the Uninsured?

In the run up to the US elections (your politics I have to admit are so much more fun to watch than ours in the UK), let me suggest, from an outsiders viewpoint, that you might all like to consider the mess you have got yourselves into with your health care, or rather lack of it.

I know you know this, and honestly the problem is so huge I have no suggestions, other than one major revolution. But just in case you can't see the wood for the trees, thought I'd take the time to remind you guys that there is a lot unnecessary suffering going on over there, probably going to get a lot worse before it gets any better, due to lack of insurance, underinsurance, and problems getting paid even when you do have the right insurance.

The Cover America Tour is a great project that puts some human faces on to all that suffering.

Makes me angry you know, and it's not even my country. If I were you, I think I'd be on the streets shouting. The situation simply isn't acceptable in the developed world. Problem is, the time when it will really matter to you personally, you'll probably be too ill or too weak to make a loud noise about the injustice. How many people in good health, with a job that includes good health insurance, are prepared to make a fuss and vote to pay higher taxes to give better provision to those in less fortunate circumstances?

If you do have a good job, imagine what life will be like if you loose it and your insurance - can happen to anyone, as you are currently well aware. Maybe selfishness with some foresight might lead to a better solution, if consideration for others is not enough? You pay for insurance to protect you against misfortune, yet insurance alone is often not enough when real misfortune strikes - and in those cases you will be dependent on the generosity of society. It is your generosity during a time of strength that will provide you with real insurance the day that you fall. Maybe generosity, consideration for the less fortunate, is something that you would invest in, if you could understand its benefits to you in the future?

Here's a MedWorm news feed for the uninsured.

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