Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Searchme Searches MedWorm

I came across searchme yesterday when looking through MedWorm's stats. Like many webmasters these days I have to keep a constant check on what robots are trawling on my site - many I have to block since they only have a basic understanding of my robots.txt file and insist on trawling all the pages I don't want them to, using up way too much bandwidth and processing power for the amount of traffic that they actually bring back to MedWorm. Since I do not big financial backing for endless upgrades just yet, I have to ensure that I get maximum use out of my few resources, so have to act a little ruthlessly when it comes to dealing with inconsiderate robots.

Searchme caught my attention since it appeared a little 'aggressive' in its approach, and I was actually considering putting it on to my blacklist, but fortunately decided to check out their site first - and what a surprise! I know that everyone is constantly looking for the next big thing, an alternative to Google (which of course I will tell you is MedWorm for the medical sector), but not often am I sufficiently impressed enough with a site to really think that it will go far. But this time, I am; I think searchme brings a new approach to the Internet that will indeed go far.

I found it extremely useful in quickly finding out what other sites are doing with MedWorm feeds, and to complile a list of MedWorm recommendations from what people are saying in the blogs. From my search, I was able to create a new 'stack' of MedWorm recommendations from the blogs. Check it out:

Tip: Normally I would never dream of recommending something like this, but I think it worth pointing out, for medical purposes, that if you change in your preferences not to filter content, you do get returned many more results - I tried this since I wanted to be certain that MedWorm content is not appearing on any 'unsavoury' websites (and was relieved to find that it doesn't appear to be), but in doing so I found many more records returned from excellent websites. I guess due to the medical nature of a lot of sites that MedWorm appears on, lots of those sites are thought to possibly contain some adult content.

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