Sunday, 23 November 2008

Getting Excited about Global Enterprise

I never imagined I might feel some kind of connection with a speech given by Gordon Brown, but then I also never thought I would get excited about the president of the United States. Hey, just goes to show that even politics can turn up pleasant surprises!

Here Gordon states that:
- the principals of social action and enterprise should be linked;
- 'free markets' should not mean 'value free markets';
- markets should be underpinned by social purpose;
- due to emerging markets the global economy will inevitably double over the next 20 years;
- there will be massive oppotunities for enterprise and social action due to communication through the Internet, email and other such technologies.

I couldn't agree more. In a time full of 'doom and gloom' I have my eyes completely focused on the future. Yes it will be a changed landscape, but I am full of optimism. Go Gordon!

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