Thursday, 8 January 2009

Gaza and Popcorn

Awoke feeling extremely 'groggy' this morning. The situation in Gaza has really got to me and I can't get out of my head images of the darling little angels I have seen lying on the floor as if peacefully asleep, but actually dead. Going to bed way too late after watching endless news reports from around the globe. Not sleeping well as I ask myself question after question. I have been shocked by what I have seen, but such images are not new to me as I have for a long time had an interest in human rights and have often sort out such information. But the scale of this ongoing tragedy, and the live images of suffering that I know is ongoing whilst I lie on my very comfortable memory foam mattress, now with a newly added luxurious furry blanket, are of particular torment.

Tried to concentrate on my work, have so much to keep me occupied right now as I work out how to get the funding to take MedWorm to the next level, but my head was pounding. Was it morbid curiosity that led me to seek out yet more images and film footage of grieving parents saying goodbye to their infants? Finding it hard to stop my tears.

And then the postman arrives with a package from a colleague (and I think already a friend) from America. A big tub of Jody's popcorn and fudge, sent to me from a shop in Virginia Beach. Wow this stuff is so scrumptious! You really should try some. You can buy it online too. Doesn't make me forget, fudge and popcorn, but certainly lifts my spirits that someone took the effort to send me this most delicious package.

Feeling re-energized now, back to work!

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