Saturday, 10 January 2009

A Holy Day

Humanitarian aid is not allowed through the border of Gaza today, because it is a holy day of rest. The bombing, however, continues. 13 Israelis and over 800 Palestinians are dead now. Over 400 of them women and children. A further 3,500 injured, 400 seriously (you know, life threatening burns and dismembered limbs, that kind of thing). Now I hear that war tourists are gathering on the borders of Israel, over watching the terror through binoculars, laughing and cheering on the dropping of bombs - please someone correct me and tell me that isn't true.

Very few of the dead have been identified as militants. How many innocent people can one justify killing in order to kill a militant I ask myself? Let us imagine one hundred people lined up. Let us say that 35 of them are children, 20 are women, 45 men. Of the 45 men, lets say that 10 of them are militants. Let us line them up and shoot them that ok? Let's now say that if you don't shoot those 100 people, then one of those militants might just find a way to kill one other innocent person - maybe that makes it ok to kill the 100? What if half of the innocent people were in some way related to the militants - is that ok now? Well, if not shooting, how about putting them in a building and dropping a bomb on them, and some of them might live, but will be badly injured, with memories of other family members that they have lost. Is that ok? Or what about dropping bombs around them for 2 weeks, completely terrorising them, then kindly dropping leaflets on their home telling them to get out before their house is bombed - but they have nowhere to go. They go to bed awaiting their fate. Can you imagine, little children, not knowing what will come in the night? Is that ok?

I hear that 91% of the Israeli population are in favour of this bombardment. I am really struggling to understand this. I simply cannot condemn a whole nation as being supportive of such violence. Please I would love to hear from any Jewish people that are against these acts. I know there are some, I would like to think many. I understand that being under threat yourself from missiles must be very difficult to live with, but I like to think that whatever the circumstances I would never support a war that uses such an armour of artillery against a civilian population. Surely there are many Israelis who are against this?

I also hear that if America decided that this had to stop, it would stop, but not until then. And yet it appears that the American public are either oblivious of what is going on, or don't care, or are in support of this violence. A recent vote in by the US House of Representatives voted to back the offensive by 390 votes to 5.

I believe that any politician that votes in such a manner is directly responsible for this massacre, and anyone that prefers to turn a blind eye is also guilty. I think there is one day that all 3 religions here believe in, and that is the Day of Judgement, when everyone will have to answer for their own actions. I also understand that all 3 religions have some strong words to say about the consequences of harming an innocent child. If you are a religious person, and have forgotten what humanity is, and have lost all compassion, and feel nothing but hatred for Hamas which clouds any feeling for anyone else caught up in this war, maybe you still have some fear of God? Better start preparing your argument now.

Here's the latest video footage, especially for any American reading, since I understand news channels are not giving America the full picture (word of warning, these images are very distressing):

I have been warned that by voicing my opinion and concerns here that I risk loosing the support from the Jewish population with my work on MedWorm. Of course I really hope that is not the case. I have seen great integrity from and have huge respect for my Jewish friends, and would love to see Israel living in peace next to its Palestinian brothers. I can understand what leads people to violence, but I would never support it, on either side of the fence.

What I am trying to do here is help people to remember what war and bombs are really all about - they are about killing, and terrible suffering, and right now children are very much the victims.

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