Saturday, 10 January 2009

White Phosphorous

Please just go and have a look at some videos on white phosphorous. Have a search on Google video and You Tube, there's plenty of footage. It burns through to the bone and it will burn through anything, including buildings and bomb shelters. Now there is evidence to suggest that the Israelis are using it over Gaza. It is true that the American army used it to devastating effect on Fallujah in Iraq. There is evidence from medics that it was also used previously by the Israeli army against civilians in Lebanon.

Listening to the Israeli spokesperson this evening he did not deny its use in Gaza, but justified their choice of weapons saying that they only use the same weapons that are used by other armies in the world. Last week I heard the same spokesperson talking about the Israeli army being the most ethical army in the world. Says a lot for ethics.

Please, can anyone explain to me what would be unethical in this so called war against Gaza, if using phosphorous bombs over a densely populated area is acceptable?

This evening I sat down to watch some entertainment on TV to take my mind off things. Final Destination 3 was on. I'm not one for horror/thrillers, but unfortunately my dear husband is, so I decided to watch a little in amusement. I watched two girls getting fried alive on sunbeds - would have been amusing, but all I could see in my head were images of children, right now, getting fried for real.

I kissed my son goodnight like every night this evening, tucked him into bed, just 4 years old, an angel. He has fair skin and dark eyes, chubby cheeks and red lips. He is adorable, and it is all the more apparent when he sleeps. Every night I look at him and thank God for this little miracle before me. Only now, every night I give him a kiss, I think of the poor father I saw giving his child his last kiss before they take him away forever. When I kiss my son's cheek is is warm and soft against my skin. How would I feel if it was cold? And what if that cosy blanket I wrap around him was actually a shroud? These are the things playing on my mind.

Tell me I shouldn't watch so much TV, that I shouldn't let myself get so effected by these things. I could turn a blind eye, as so many do, but then wouldn't I be just as guilty? I choose to feel this pain. It is the pain that gives me the courage to speak out against this evil. There is no other word for inflicting should suffering on innocent children, no justification. It is evil, dress it up however you want, spin it round as much as you like, I know what my conscience tells me, it is evil.

The US government is moving to send 3,000 tonnes of ammunition to Israel. As the other countries of the world call for an immediate cease fire, let us be clear about who is really in control of events here. American people, are you for terror or against?

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