Thursday, 8 April 2010

Health 2.0 Paris - My Conclusions

It's been a long time since I posted to my blog, and I realise there are some people checking me out now that the Health 2.0 conference in Paris is over, so I thought I better post some relevant content.

I have to admit I missed many of the presentations at the conference, since I spent most of the whole time discussing possibilities with some very interesting people outside the main hall. However, I caught the tail ends of many of the sessions and had checked out most of the sites beforehand so I did have a grip on what was being discussed and I think the topics and many of the presentations came up in discussion with the people I met.

So here's a few of my observations from the scene, from a European perspective:
  • Companies in Europe will have to be (and are being) much more creative in developing business models than in the US, due to the segmented market: language barriers, different sales territories, tighter government restrictions regarding pharma advertising to the public, greater dependence on the government sector....
  • Lack of big pharma sponsorship deals to be had in Europe, due to the segmented market, will force more companies to start small, develop a sustainable business model, and then grow from within, rather than get a great idea, huge investment at the start, and not worry too much about business model in the knowledge that there are big pharma dollars to be milked.
  • Europeans have a lot more in common than may first be apparent, and a shared identity is starting to emerge, based on good ethics and a willingness to work towards solutions that are truly beneficial towards society that will likely see the development of interesting collaborations across different cultures.
  • The patient has been 'dumbed down' for far too long. Time to recognise that patient power is an untapped resource that can make a real contribution towards progress in health care, medicine, and even science.
I feel my Health 3.0 post coming on soon. I considered the concept a few years back but it seemed premature to blog about before now.

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