Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MedMatcha, the medical advertising network, coming soon.

This week I launched the registration page for MedMatcha, MedWorm's medical ad matching network that will be launching soon.

After 4 years experience with MedWorm, looking for a suitable advertising solution that might at least generate enough income to cover the server running costs, I hadn't found anything or anyone that I considered to be offering anything suitable.

Here's what I wanted:
  • Something simple to use.
  • No spam or junk ads.
  • Relevant ads that are of interest to specific topics in the medical sector.
  • Geographical targeting.
  • No exclusive contract to sign.
  • A solution that caters for more than just the US market.
  • The final say on what exactly appears on my site (ie. if I don't like a particular ad the ability to easily block it).
  • Some control over pricing - for example, being able to run adverts per view instead of per click, and to set my own permissible CPM limits suitable for my site.
  • The ability to sell my advertising space directly to my site visitors.
  • Transparent and fair commissions.
I looked at various options, starting with Google Ads, trying out several Google Ads alternatives, investigating medical ad agencies, and trying out my own installed ad serving software. All options had their problems.

At the same time, I started to contact companies directly to see whether they would be interested in advertising on MedWorm, and to see what kind of an ad solution they would require. I started to realise that a lot of medical companies with worthwhile products that the industry would benefit from knowing more about, do not even bother with online advertising, since there simply isn't an easy, reliable, trustworthy, cost effective way to go about advertising online. Advertisers need to be able to have control over where their ads are placed, to protect their product's reputations, and of course they also want their ads going only to highly relevant audiences, which are often hard to identify on the net. They too want a simple solution, without any big financial commitment, so that they can 'test the waters' easily, and then further invest in only those campaigns that are proven to be effective.

Having reached the conclusion that there must be a better way, I designed one myself. It is being developed by a collaboration of companies, taking the best of an existing sollution and adding to it to make it better.

MedMatcha can be thought of as the dating agency for medical advertising. You fill in a detailed profile of your product/service/website, and it finds you the most closely matched advertising partners. Both advertisers and publishers have to be in agreement about a match before the ads roll.

It will be launched when there have been one thousand quality profiles registered - there's no point in launching before, since the value of the service will come from the ability to find highly matched ad partners. You can help bring the launch date forward by registering your own medical or health site, blog, product or service now, and if you are in the first one thousand to be accepted into the network, you'll get $5 free advertising to get you started. Find out more here.

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