Monday, 21 June 2010

Trees for Health

I've been trying out the new Blogger template designer and chosen a woodland background. I figured it was representative of my life at the moment. I'm fortunate to live in an area where there is a beautiful woodland walk alongside a river that is a refuge of calm and tranquility.

A few days before travelling to the Health 2.0 conference in Paris to present in April this year I was feeling very tense. I hadn't been away from my 5 year old son in, well, 5 years, and presenting in front of an audience of over 500, after working mostly on my own for several years, was a bit of a challenge. I had booked myself onto a short workshop that was taking place in my local woods called 'Trees for Health' a few days before I was due to leave. I didn't feel like I had time for such an event, but wanted to support a friend who had organised the day and figured it would be good for my work life balance.

We spent a few hours learning about the health benefits of trees, foraging for things that we could eat, and then lit a fire to make nettle soup and wild garlic salad. It felt like stepping through the door into another world for a short while, but the benefits really were worth it. The night before my trip to Paris I couldn't sleep, so lay down and imagined I was in a forest, looking up at green leaves - it was incredibly relaxing and in the morning I felt refreshed and calm. Now whenever I need a bit of thinking space I take a short walk through the woods, breathe deeply, watch the river, feel alive, re-energized and creative. Whenever feeling a little 'down' I look up to the tops of the trees - impossible not to feel your spirits lifting when you do.

So I thought to share the benefits of trees with you. If you are feeling tense at work, find a wood and try a little tree therapy. Here's a little more about the benefits of trees on your health.


  1. Great article Frankie. Literally just read another article on how to get to sleep Not sure how many people took the survey but it claims that meditation is highly effective. I think visualisation of any kind is very effective because it both focuses and relaxes the mind - stops the whirlwind of thoughts. There is something to be said for imagery too. It brings us one step closer to the imagery we experience when we dream.
    Keep blogging :)

  2. Hey thanks Jays, always nice to hear someone is reading my ramblings!