Friday, 3 September 2010

Vaccine Zombie

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This video is just brilliant! Whether you agree with the lyrics or not, you surely have to admit this is a great production. I came across it via MedWorm, as its release is currently the second most read item via MedWorm this week, although I am sure by the end of the week it will be the first. (You can view the most read items on MedWorm here). In fact, the NaturalNews source is one of the most popular sources on MedWorm also, always getting a lot of hits. It is always outspoken, often controversial, and I am pleased it to have it indexed by MedWorm since I think it adds an alternative viewpoint and some much needed balance, amidst the many news releases, often by big pharma, that all send out the same messages.

Recommending this video will surely fuel speculation that I am 'anti-vaccination', which I have previously been accused of, following my comments on the cervical cancer vaccine, which I made when researching the vaccine as I investigated the topic to help me decide whether or not to authorise the vaccine for my teenager daughter (which I subsequently did not). But I really am not anti-vaccine - I believe that each individual should look at the available evidence and evaluate the risks of taking or not taking vaccines that are offered in view of their own personal circumstances - one size can never fit all, and I believe that there are pros and cons to just about every medication that need to be evaluated in the light of your own personal make-up, and that the decision whether to take something or not should be down to the (fully informed) individual, who will then also carry the responsibility of the side effects should they happen.

In fact, regarding the swine flu jab, having had my own (terrible) experience with the swine flu, I actually recommended my pregnant sister to 'consider' having the vaccine (after also reading an article about benefits of the flu jab to babies whose mothers receive the vaccine whilst they are pregnant). Notice I say 'consider', because at the end of the day I knew it had its risks, which only she could evaluate, and the decision at the end of the day had to be her own - no way I was going to carry the guilt if it went wrong. I sent her a search on everything that MedWorm could come up with in relation to the swine flu, pregnancy, and reported side effects, to help her form her own decision. (By the way she did decide to have the jab and mother and baby are just fine). Not sure I would still suggest the same, since the risk of catching the swine flu (at least in the really nasty form that I think I suffered) now appears to have significantly decreased (and I'd for sure want to first hear the results of the current investigation between a possible link between the swine flu jab and narcolepsy).

Anyway, watch the video, it's very entertaining. My kids loved it too (although I was a little concerned the youngest might start singing some of the lyrics, one line of which just wouldn't be good - I'll let you work out which one!).

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  1. Absolutely love and agree with this video!! Thank you so much for sharing. I haven't had a vaccine since the hepetitus shots given to 8th graders. lol

    I am healthier than most people I know, and I take the least amount of meds out of all of them. Gee, I wonder if that has any meaning?