Sunday, 5 December 2010

Vitamin D and Skin Cancer Through Windows

Ooops, over a month has passed since I posted to my blog. Figured I best write something. Been so busy with all kinds of things that I haven't known what to write.

Well here's a simple thing I learnt just this morning when tweaking a bit of MedWorm code to get rid of duplicates that were still creeping in. I ran a query on 'vitamin d levels', with the 'Exact phrase' and 'Blogs' options selected.

Made for interesting reading. In particular, I learnt something that I didn't know before - sounds so elementary that you probably already know this, but just in case you didn't I thought to share it.

I learnt that UVA light, which causes skin cancer, does actually get through normal glass, whereas UVB light, the one that generates the Vitamin B and apparently helps protect against skin cancer (plus a whole lot of other stuff) does not - and office workers are therefore apparently at increasingly higher risk of skin cancer than those people that work outdoors.

This is important news for me since skin cancer seems to run in my family. I have recently started wearing a moisturiser with sun screen, but not always if I I think I am not really going outside much. But my new office has a fabulous large window that I sit right next too, that lets in loads of sunshine.

So now I'll make sure to wear the sunscreen every day, as well as making sure to get outside when I can for the natural light, plus up my intake of oily fish.

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