Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Clinical Trials Feeds Added to MedWorm - Thanks Lennie!

It was on the 3rd December 2007 that the wonderful Leonard Sender MD, adolescent and young adult cancer oncologist (now Medical Director of the Cancer Institute at Children's Hospital of Orange County as well as chair of on the board of directors on the also fabulous I'm Too Young For This! cancer foundation for young adults) contacted me with an idea for MedWorm - to use it to disseminate information regarding clinical trials. I only spoke to him I think once (or maybe twice), never met him in person, but he was so supportive and enthusiastic about MedWorm he made a big impact on me in the short few minutes that we spoke.

Well, 3 years later, I finally got round to adding clinical trials as new data streams being fed into MedWorm. They only got added properly at the weekend so it will take a while for the data to become significant, but already I'm excited about it. You can of course search on the clinical trial data using the MedWorm search options, but more interesting is to browse MedWorm. Click on any category, condition, treatment, etc, and if there is clinical trial data in MedWorm related to that topic you will be able to click on a Clinical Trials tab with all the latest trials for that topic appearing listed by date order. Of course, as with any topic in MedWorm, you can then subscribe using the RSS feed, say into your Google Reader, or you can get the data emailed to you (if you register to use the free MyMedWorm service).

For example, here's the tab of the clinical trials for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - try browsing MedWorm by clicking on all the different topics that exist, such as medical conditions or specialties, and look out for the Clinical Trials tabs for each topic that you click on. If you know of any clinical trials feeds that you think have not yet been indexed in MedWorm please do let me know so that I can add them.

Many thanks Lennie for the idea and the inspiration - sorry it took so long! (I'm getting there slowly but surely).

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