Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New 'MedWorm Blast' Service

Last week I spoked to Denise Silber who was looking for media partners for the Doctors 2.0 conference that she is organising in Paris in June this year. I suggested that I put out a simple message with hyperlink promoting the conference via all the unsponsored MedWorm feeds.

Less than one week later I ran an exact search in Google on the text used in the message:
"Find out about the Doctors 2.0 and You conference in Paris, June 22-23rd. The call is now on for posters and the start-up contest."

It returned approximately 109,000 indexed pages from across the web containing this text (and the hyperlink most of the time, except for the cases where the hyperlinks were stripped out of the RSS feeds). Here's the evidence.

Isn't that amazing? And this is just a glimpse of the MedWorm feed distribution, since there are thousands more individuals that subscribe to the feeds directly, say via Google Reader.

So today I launch a new service, called 'MedWorm Blast'. If you have an important message that you need to get out to the medical and health sector, globally, very fast, you can pay to get your message out in the same way. I'm not sure how much to charge, so am going to try $100 a day and see what response I get.

If you have reputable product, service, event or website then contact me here if you want to give this a try (and support MedWorm in doing so!):
http://www.medworm.com/rss/medicalsponsorship.php (sorry but I won't accept any messages that I consider unethical or junk).

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