Friday, 23 December 2011

Children and Tear Gas in Bahrain

Images of children getting gassed in Bahrain kept me awake last night.

This is how it happens:

And these are just some of the victims:

No more commentary necessary. Let the world be horrified.


  1. Just wan't to say Thank you for pointing to this unhuman act by the Bahraini regime
    please keep posting about Bahraini people we are seeking for freedom

  2. Thanks for posting these photos on your blog, Frankie.

    Ali from Bahrain

  3. Thank you Frankie Dolan for speaking out about the oppressed people of Bahrain! Freedom and democracy will win in the end!

  4. Is it possible for you to send these photos to me as I am starting a petition to send to downing street. These crimes must stopped

  5. Frankie, I commend you for speaking up and compiling this blog.

    You would expect someone from the Al Khalifa family to find this appalling and to speak out.

    It's disappointing that they are all cowards.

  6. US adminsitration, UK, france & Brazil governments do your instructions on non-lethal tear gas consistent with these horrible images ( videos ).Can you explain the reasons why non-lethal gas canisters cause such sufferings to innocent children.As free world leaders you have obligations towards innocent childhood!!.Trusting your reply would be consistent with your interests, but to morals & principles that you advocate

  7. These videos are complying evidences to HR organizations & Westren powers espcially US administration to stand up & stop such attrocities committed by Al-Khalifa regime.US,British,French & Brazilian, which are you real pictures, the ugliest which these videos speak or your priciples which compel you to act immdiately to stop supplying such non-lethal canisters, handled by Al-khalifa regime to be lethal against innocent childhood.Act now before it is too late.

  8. Frankie... we dont now haw to thank you .. you are giving us support to send voice to the word... thank you very much