Friday, 27 April 2012


Interview of Abdulhadi al-Khawaja with @chanadbh in 2005

Our latest set of actions, for you to tweet, retweet, post to Facebook and Google +, blog about, and of course COMPLETE with the #Act4Khawaja tag are as follows:

#Act4Khawaja No 1 Contact Prince Charles ask him 2 speak up 2 save human rights hero #alKhawaja 4 humanity #Bahrain

#Act4Khawaja No 2 Contact Richard Branson on Twitter,FB,G+,blog (post comments) ask him to help save our hero #Bahrain

#Act4Khawaja No 3 Tell Aung San Suu Kyi of #Khawaja's struggle for democracy + human rights. Ask 4 urgent help #Bahrain

#Act4Khawaja No 4 Contact Nick Clegg (select Nick Clegg in subject box) ask him to speak out urgently about #Alkhawaja

#Act4Khawaja No 5 Email address to Terry Waite. Tell him about #AlKhawaja Ask 4 help. #Bahrain

#Act4Khawaja No 6 Tweet+FB Donald Trump explain how #AlKhawaja release important 4 stability of world economy ask4help

#Act4Khawaja No 7 Contact President of Russia,Dmitry Medvedev,ask 4 urgent intervention 4 #AlKhawaja 4 peace+stability

#Act4Khawaja No 8 Contact Bill Gates +tweet @BillGates Ask 4 help 2 solve urgent humanitarian world problem #AlKhawaja

#Act4Khawaja No 9 Contact Bill Clinton + @ClintonTweet + ask him to use his influence 2 make a difference 4 #AlKhawaja

#Act4Khawaja No 10 email Brad+Angelina via ask 4 email 2 be forwarded urgently. Stress threat 2 peace.
This photo, taken by @MaryFletchJones
is free for you to use and distribute to media

Please tweet me when you complete a task with the tag + task number so I can keep a track of progress, or reply to the tweet that set the task. Thanks! @frankiedolan

When you have complete these make sure to also complete previous actions #Action4Khawaja and then continue to support #MyAction4Khawaja

I realise some people have a feeling of despair and sadness, worrying whether Abdulhadi AlKhawaja is still alive or not. But we must not give up on him, and whatever happens we must make sure the whole world knows about him, so if you feel like crying that's fine, but don't stop typing your emails whilst you cry!

You may like to use some of the info/links on this page.

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  1. Free Alkhawaja
    Thanks for your support for free khawaja