Saturday, 14 April 2012

Debunking the #Bahrain Sunni Shia Sectarian Myth

No Sunni
No Shia
I am Bahraini

Inspired by the international media fixation on sectarianism in Bahrain, a distortion that the government appears to hide behind as an excuse for the continued oppression of a large percentage of its people (of whom the majority happen to be Shia), I decided it about time to present some evidence (since it appears that at least one international news channel often appears to base reporting on so called 'facts' put out as propaganda without asking the people on the ground).

No Sunni No Shiite I'm Bahraini

I've seen and heard evidence to suggest that there is indeed hatred and discrimination towards
the Shia population - however this hatred is in no way projected from all Sunnis, only those supporting the regime that have been misled by a constant diet of controlled propaganda in the media that has intentionally sought to 'divide an conquer' the population.

With my blood I protect you my Shiite brother

But the protesters in Bahrain refuse to fall into such a trap, and I have seen no such evidence to suggest that Shia people are demonstrating any hatred towards their Sunni neighbors. On the contrary, time and time again the people have been fighting against sectarian propaganda. I have never seen a single demonstration take place on sectarian grounds - all protesters have been fighting against corruption, pleading for democracy, and demanding basic human rights. To report anything other than this is simply not factual.

Sunni and Shia Muslims praying together at the roundabout in Bahrain

Here I have put together (with the help of the truly amazing people in Bahrain, both Sunni and Shia) a collection of images and video footage that show the extent of this effort to debunk the propaganda myth of sectarianism. I have found such efforts to be very moving and worthy of international media coverage - yet to this day it appears to get none.

Sunni and Shia opposition leaders demonstrating no secterian division

Suni and Shia girls protesting together

I love you Sunni

Sunni & Shia are brothers, we won't sell our homeland

No Sunni, No Shia, only Bahraini

Sunni + Shia = Better Bahrain

Sunni protester with Shia
(before the government demolished the Pearl Monument)

Sunni and Shia Muslims praying together at site of a government demolished mosque

My Sunni brother, I love you and I will protect you with my soul

Not Sunni Not Shia, National Unity (left)
One blood .. One nation for freedom, for freedom

Not Sunni Not Shia, we want a public government

The heart is beating .. I am Bahraini
The National Unity (in yellow font)

Sunni and Shia are brothers .. we will not sell our country

One nation .. will not tear into two, not Sunni not Shia (but) Bahraini people
(Hand shaking between Sunni & Shia)

Sunni & Shia are all brothers..let’s get down to the square (Pearl Roundabout)

Not Sunni Not Shia, National Unity

This was a human chain running from the Al-Fateh (Sunnit) mosque to the Pearl roundabout. They are chanting 'we are brothers, Sunni and Shia'.

Demonstrators at the Lulu roundabout discuss how the place is for both Sunni and Shia, that Sunni and Shia are brothers for ever, and this is proof for all the world to see. Their demands are that they want a government chosen by the people, just as other people are able to around the world. They discuss how peaceful the movement is and how it is a united place, breathing freedom.

Huge crowd chanting 'we are brothers, Sunni and Shia'.

SUGGESTION: before international media report again that Bahrain unrest is a result of secterian tension, they would do well to first examine the evidence.

(if anyone would like to add to the collection please post links in the comments section below thanks!)


  1. bahraini government wants to shred our country into groups such as suanni vs shiea in order to protect their chairs

  2. this is the first ive read about sunni and shia coming together