Wednesday, 25 April 2012


If you would like to save our human rights hero Abdulhadi al-Khawaja from starvation (as of writing now on 77th day of hungerstrike in prison in Bahrain), first complete these #Action4Khawaja actions here and then #Act4Khawaja actions here.

Once you have done both those, then join us with #MyAction4Khawaja details below.

These are the rules:

Tweet a simple action that you have done/will be doing, that everyone else can do also. Tweet with clear guidance and a link or email address to complete the task. Make sure to use the #MyAction4Khawaja tag on the tweet.

Once you have completed your action, then go and complete someone else's action. Once you have completed an action, reply to the tweet that set the action in the first place (make sure to reply against the tweet, not directly to the person, so that we can all see who has completed which actions).

Tip: make your actions clear and concise. Eg. don't say 'email every member of parliament', instead give a single name with an email address or form to complete.

I will be updating this blog with actions people have publish throughout the campaign, which will continue now until the end of Abdulhadi al-Khawaja's imprisonment.


Actions for you to complete:

(This list will be updated throughout the campaign with new actions. But don't forget to write your own too!)

#MyAction4Khawaja Email George Galloway ask him to speak out urgently in UK parliament about #AlKhawaja
Update: we have now got action on this but you can still email to thank George!

#MyAction4Khawaja Email Jeremy Corbyn MP ask him to speak out urgently in UK Parliament about #AlKhawaja

#MyAction4Khawaja Ask Baroness Warsi to urgently publicise Abdulhadi al-Khawaja's case in the House of Lords.

#MyAction4Khawaja I tweeted @BonoVox_ aka Bono from U2, asked him to help by Speaking Out for Hunger Striker, Abdulhadi AlKhawaja #bahrain

#MyAction4Khawaja  Ask to speek about #Alkhawaja he is missing write now on his 77 days of hunger strike.

#MyAction4Khawaja just emailed Ban Ki Moon urgently about his disappearance #Bahrain #Alkhawaja

tweet ask them to save #Alkhawaja the human rights hero by taking an action #Bahrain

 #MyAction4Khawaja (tweet ) ask him to take an action about #Alkhawaja the human rights hero #Bahrain.

#MyAction4Khawaja tweet ask him to save #Alkhawaja the human rights hero by taking an action #Bahrain

Sorry there are too many actions now for me to keep updating, so please just have a look at the #MyAction4Khawaja tag on Twitter and support some of the actions you find there by doing what they say and then tweeting the author to tell them you have completed the action.


Ideas for Actions

Write an email/complete a contact form to: a politician/journalist/celebrity/organisation, asking for help to save our hero. Google to find the correct contact form or email address. For example I just Googled 'contact George Galloway' and I soon found his contact details.

Ideas for Writing Emails

Write from the heart. Say why this issue is important to you personally. Offer some extra facts or links that may be of help to the reader to understand. Maybe offer a suggestion of what they could do to help (ie. raise the matter in parliament, publish a statement of concern, contact the Bahraini government to express concern). Don't worry if you are not good at writing, it is more important that you write something rather than nothing.

Here's an email I sent to George Galloway that may give you some ideas - but just use your own style, say whatever comes to your mind. If you are Bahraini explain what this man means to you and your country, and you may also wish to write about your daily struggle in Bahrain.

Other Languages

It would be great if some of you could start actions in different countries,writing in your own language to try and raise more awareness of this issue worldwide. 


If you want any further guidance then send me a direct message of Twitter. If I am not following you just let me know and I will. @frankiedolan

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