Monday, 13 August 2012

Tears of the Rohingya

There's something about crying that reaches across borders and appeals to humanity. There are many different types of cries, but the cry of a completely broken soul is the most piercing of all.

The first cry I heard from the Rohingya was from this boy as he fled his burning home. Maybe it is because I am a mother that his cry tore my soul apart?

Then there were these girls on a boat, as they tried to seek shelter. Days at sea in the rain, hungry, tired, traumatised, unsure of their fate.

Then there were these 140 men and boys pleading to be let in to Bangladesh but turned back to sea with a bottle of water.

There's a girl in this video that cries as she tells how all of her relatives were killed.

My friend interviewed a Rohingyan man living in the crisis area in Myanmar. I listened to the recorded interview. He was sobbing as he pleaded for help 'please try to save our lives, please, try to save our lives'. Here you can read some more of what he said.

Here a man arriving at a refugee camp in Bangladesh (one of the lucky few that made it through) cries as he recalls how 50 to 60 children were buried alive in a mass grave.

This lady asks where is the love in the world?

And then there was this man, pleading for help to the Turkish foreign minister, with the lovely first lady of Turkey, who felt their pain and responded in the only way that a person with humanity should.

So what is it that is making even grown men cry? 
Human Rights Watch summarises what has been happening here.

You can read the full Human Rights Watch report here and if you want to know a bit about the history that led up to this then read their last report from 2009.

This situation falls nothing short of genocide. Please contact your members of parliament and ask them to call for urgent action to end this ethnic cleansing before it is too late.

Please also share the following video to Twitter and Facebook and visit to find out what else you can do.

If you want to learn more you can read some of my research notes here.

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