Thursday, 6 September 2012


My friend Zainab Alkhawaja is in prison in Bahrain. It's a real honour to call her my friend because she is also my heroine. We worked together on the #Eye4Freedom campaign.

She is such an inspiration. I wrote this poem for her:


Just one beat
Of her heart
Would knock a thousand
To their knees
If you could hear
Her pain
Understand the suffering
She sees

Every martyr
Every injury
Every case of abuse
She is there
Feels it all
But she never gets used
To the tears
Which will fall
With the angels
On and on
Watch the tragedy
Yet her fears
Have all gone

Its all the same
Big prison
Little prison
Hear her shout the name
Can you feel her pain?
Just one beat
Of her heart
Would bring you all to shame

Is the weight
Of this burden
Now too great?
Have you lost all faith
In the human race?
Are you tired of fighting
This darkness unrelenting?
Are we too late?
Can we change fate?

Just keep breathing dear Zainab
Just keep beating your heart
Listening now
Don’t give up on us
Together we can start
We can pick this thing up
Then we’ll tear it apart
And freedom will come through
Your pain
Yes freedom will come to
And come from

by Jamila  Hanan

I also built her this website

@AngryArabiya is actually Zainab's Twitter name, so she can have the domain name when she is free. I hope we can continue to build the website when she gets out because I think the whole world should know about her. We could start an AngryArabiya club. I know lots of young ladies that would aspire to be like Zainab. I think we could sell AngryArabiya t-shirts and use the money to help in the struggle against injustice.

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  1. Is she is prison?

    My God! I am shocked.

    I followed her tweets through the arab spring and the saudi coup in bahrain.

    this is disgusting.