Monday, 16 March 2015

What is Prayer?

After dropping my son at school one frosty December morning, it was so pretty I couldn't resist a walk by the lake with my camera. As the sun came up I was astounded by the beauty, the mist rising from the lake, the clarity in the reflections, the calm. This photo captured a moment which is everything I understand about prayer.

What is prayer?
It's my time of calm
A moment of stillness
When time is forgotten
I pour out my worries
My confusion
My fears
Lay them all on the carpet
And admit I am nothing
But a shell to be used
As a part of creation.

What is prayer?
It's my time to stand and stare
At the wonder of life
The depth of the colours, and lines, and details,
The patterns, repetitions, yet uniqueness
Of snowflakes
That leave me speechless
And faces
Full of imperfections
Yet beautiful from a distance and from within
Which open my mind to the infinite possibilities
And the importance of wholeness.
How great thou art, how great thou art!

What is prayer?
Oh it's that time of honesty
That time to confront
Those things I would rather avoid
And my errors
Of which there are many
And shed a few tears for my worthlessness
And plead for mercy
And ask for a purpose
And the courage to fulfil the role
The guidance to choose the right path.

What is prayer?
It is a time to remember the people I love
And feel for a moment their pains
To see this world through their eyes
Share some of their load
And count my blessings
And consider the tools
Which I have been given
To use, not just to enjoy.
And maybe then ideas will surface
Possible solutions
Through new connections.
Creativity, illumination, inspiration.
Why the hesitation in returning to this haven?
This place of refuge, this moment of connection
To life and wholeness and creation, and love
And love...

What is prayer?
This part is the best
Head and heart emptied and open
Ready to receive
That's when the grace is poured in
How can I describe it?
The blessing.
It's like warmth and excitement,
That runs down my spine
Joy, Peace, Love
It fills me up, rushes through every vein, tingles my fingers and toes.
What is that? Have you ever felt it?
I wish I could share it.
I wish I could bottle it and give it to my friends.
Like the purest water
The sweetest fruit
Water of life,
The sweetest moment of prayer
Is love
At the end.

by Jamila Hanan


  1. I hope this doesn't end up posting twice.
    Thank you, Jamila, for this beautiful poem and the help it gave me as I tried 'prayer'. My experience was a feeling of stillness, as a lot of negative feelings emptied out of me. Then in a heartbeat, I felt like I was being filled with something, or connected with it. And I began to feel peaceful. For a 1st attempt, I thought it was amazing, and I intend to continue. But thank you again for the poem and for you being the way you are.

  2. Beautiful comment Bea, thankyou for sharing. May you find joy, peace, guidance and blessing through your newly discovered prayer <3